Tuesday, September 14, 2010

           She puts a smile on my face; She teaches me what the wisest man will never have the smallest clue on how to say. With the simplest acts she shows me the W O R L D.

Last week on my day off I went to visit my sister , and two baby nieces. As we were getting ready for a walk to the park, my sister slowly pokes and tells in a very low voice to look over to Calytta (my two year old little niece) she has one of my sister's hats on her little head. She had put on herself, watching me and my sister getting ready that was her way of also getting ready. Later on as we were talking as we walked, she told me Calytta was copying a lot of the things she does or says. At the time I just smiled thinking it is very cute.

Later as I thought about it, I realized our children are a copy of what we as adults or parents are; "They will do what we do, so if we want to change the world we first have to make sure that what we passing on to our children is a positive attitude, the most loving heart, and how to live life the best way possible and not the easiest way possible. Teach them that life is gift, and to respect the ones we love; To be kind and patient."

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